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What Happens After Midnight by K.L. Walther Book Review

The plot of this book takes place in a boarding school where students are doing their senior prank. I loved the plot and the setting of the book. The atmosphere of the setting, along with the story line mostly taking place at night, has a good visual. While reading this book you can picture all of the characters trying to execute this prank really vividly.

K.L. Walther is a great author and writes really fun teen romance books. This had a similar feel to The Summer of Broken Rules by Walther with both of them being based around games and pranks during the summer time. She's really good at setting the scene and summer atmosphere. Her books are very fun and easy to get immersed in and finish in just a few sittings. This book was perfect for reading at the beginning of summer, especially with graduations going on. I liked how it was a different type of plot and set in school.

It is a second chance romance and I thought the romance between the two characters was really sweet and I enjoyed watching them come together and deal with the issues of their past relationship. You could sense the whole time how much they really cared for each other and loved each other. The romance kept you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for them to get together. It was a mostly clean teen romance, but there is one innuendo and a fade to black scene.

The only issues I had with the book was the amount of cursing and spicy scene. Sometimes the cursing distracted from the plot. I was surprised with the amount of cursing there was for a teen book. Also, the innuendo and fade to black scene seemed more suited for the new adult age range. I think the book would be more suited for new adult rather than teen, however it is targeted for seniors in high school so it's hard to say. I like to go into teen books being hopeful that it will be super clean, especially for recommending and giving out to teens who could be as young as thirteen. Other than that it's a great read and is a fun read for those who are graduating!

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