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These 3 Characters are Becoming My Friends

Positively, Penelope is the second book in the Skymar series following Authetically Izzy. Both stories are told through the texts and emails sent between Izzy, Penelope and Luke. Authentically Izzy was about Izzy finding love and now it's time for Penelope to find her prince charming.

The email exchanges between Izzy, Luke and Penelope are hilariously entertaining as they poke fun at each other. Each character really has their own quirky personality. Some of the quirks Penelope has is that she is afraid of sea monsters, loves Julie Andrews and references musicals. Penelope was a really fun character to follow along and relatable in some ways like her fear of things from the ocean-haha.

The romance kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for Penelope to come together with her prince charming. The theater element to the story and romance made it more worthwhile to read about. Every part of this book was sweet right up to the very end when they finally come together. There were definitely some surprise moments at the end you'll want to read!

Thank you Netgalley and Thomas Nelson for this ARC so I could review it!

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