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All of my Favorite Books I Read this Summer

Here are my favorite books I read this summer. I read quite a bit of clean romance, christian authors, and historical fiction. I also read one suspense/mystery- The Last Thing He Told Me. I haven't read any suspense in a while and that one was really good. I think this summer was my best reading months thus far. Some books like Borrow My Heart and Authentically Izzy warmed my heart-I cried while reading Borrow My Heart. A Nurse's Tale and A Right Worthy Woman were some of the best historical fiction I've read so far. Silent Came the Monster was a book that was way different from The Year of Jubilee and was my favorite Christian fiction I read this summer. But my top favorite book I read this summer (the decision was a little bit solidified when I realized it didn't make it to my favorite books collage) is Hello Stranger. I think this is my favorite because Katherine Center's humor in this book still has me laughing any time I think of the ending. I couldn't control my laughter when I read the ending. We will try to have most of these books in stock so you can check them out!

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