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Incoming! Cute southern fiction!

This book is perfect for your summer reading if you're interested in southern fiction with a wedding setting and enemies to lovers romance!

Claire begins working with Dom, a wedding blogger, to save the wedding magazine Piece of Cake. They are working together going to weddings to work on the magazine's social media. Claire doesn't understand why Dom would be a wedding blogger so she is skeptical of him at first which made for an entertaining romance to read. It felt different from other romances I've read in the past.

Claire really packs a punch in the beginning but by the end her heart softens and she comes to terms with mistakes she made at her last job and begins to face it and deal with it. This book had great character development with Claire and I loved seeing her open up and deal with her past and forgive herself. By the end I liked Claire even more than I did in the beginning.

The wedding and family drama and dynamic was also entertaining. Claire came from a rich family, so to see how that impacted her just made me understand her more.

The whole book felt like I was watching a romantic comedy from the 90's or early 2000's and I loved that about it. It had such a raw and real romance, personality, and comedy. The wedding setting, taking place in the south, gave that rich southern feel to it. The romance was also clean and ended leaving you cheering!

I loved every part of this book, I could have finished it in two sittings. I would definitely recommend this as a summer read and it is probably going to be one of my favorite books!

Be sure to pick this one up June 20th!

Thank you Netgalley and Harper Muse for this ARC so I could review it!

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