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"Famous for a Living" By Melissa Ferguson Book Review

The moment I saw this adorable cover on Instagram I knew I wanted to read it. It starts off where our main character Cat Cranwell (what a cute name) has to flee her life of being a social media influencer in New York City to go and stay in a cabin (a cabin!) in Montana to escape accusations of financial crimes made against her business partner. She stays in what was described to her as a "cozy cabin" to escape the paparazzi at the time of this scandal. However, when she gets to her cabin, it is not what she hoped for. As Cat describes it, "Whatever this is, is not cozy. Or even a cabin". I found Cat's personality and the way she described everything entertaining to read and it was exciting to see her life change around her. I loved the atmosphere of the book with it being set in Montana and I was drawn in by the community. The love interest Zaiah felt like the perfect character to counter our fancy living Cat. As the story goes on you learn more about his past and how it effects not only him but Cat. This book brought up a very relate-able topic that is not typically found in story plots, and fit really well with the book. I loved seeing how Cat changed by the end of the book and I loved the slower pace and clean romance this story had. My favorite part was Cat waking up in her cabin and thinking, "It's one thing to wake up in the morning after thirteen years surrounded by the cacophony of taxis horns, buses and sirens. It's entirely another sensation to wake up to coffin-level silence because of a bird-just a single, solitary bird-in a world so quiet my eyes snap open like a roman shade at the sound of it's cah! overhead. Unsettling". Staying nights in New York City and then coming home and going to sleep living in the middle of the woods, I related to the way she described the difference and the shock. Overall I gave this book a 4/5 stars and I'd recommend picking up a copy when it comes out May 16!

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