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A Nurse Who is also a Princess?!




This novel is based on a true story of an African nurse working in the UK. Omo-Oba Adenrele Ademola is a Nigerian princess who moves to Camden Town in the 1930's to be a nurse at Guy's Hospital. It is set during the Second World War and follows Ademola as she is aiding the survivors. It is a dual timeline novel that also follow's Ademola's great neice Yemi who begins to read her diaries.

I loved reading about nurse Ademola's stregnth and the effect that she had on the people of West Africa to follow her lead. It was especially inspiring to read the effect it had on her great neice Yemi. I liked going back and forth reading the 1930's time period and 2018, between Ademola and Yemi. It was interesting to read the differences in time period and how each character responded to the time period they lived in.

Nurse Ademola was a strong character who helped aide the survivors of World War II while also dealing with racism from those she worked with. I enjoyed reading Ademola's perspctive as well as Yemi's. Yemi begins reading Ademola's diaries and realized the adversities her great aunt went through. I thought this was done really well and kept the book interesting.

This was a great historical read and different from other historical books I've read. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical fiction!

Out on July 7! *UK novel

Thank you Netgalley and Harper Muse UK for this ARC for me to review it!

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